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N E W  YO R K  T I M E S   B E S T - S E L L I N G  A U T H O R

of   F  i  r  e  p  r  o  o  f  and    T  w  o    S  e  c  o  n  d  s    L  a  t  e


If you seek publication, you must be open to criticism. Let it settle,  then hold onto that which seems accurate. Writing a book is much like  building a house: during the foundational stages, it may look mediocre, even ugly, but as construction continues you begin to see beauty take  shape. First and foremost, I want to tell fast-paced stories with memorable  characters. I do hundreds of pages of research. Once that foundation for fiction is laid, then a writer can explore all of life's complexities. The more honest the search, the better. Avoiding the dust in the corners doesn't make the dust go away. I don't want to pound people over the head with ideas through my novels.  No, if that was my point, I'd write non-fiction--and someday I may. I do believe Jesus is the Answer. Which is why I'm not afraid to wrestle with the questions.

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