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N E W  YO R K  T I M E S   B E S T - S E L L I N G  A U T H O R

of   F  i  r  e  p  r  o  o  f  and    T  w  o    S  e  c  o  n  d  s    L  a  t  e

Gina Lazarescu is sought by Collectors, vampires released from Jerusalem’s FIELD OF BLOOD.

Gina flees with a young boy, while Collectors prepare for battle in Judas’ birthplace, the HAUNT OF JACKALS.

Joined by her family, Gina battles vampires and golems in Israel’s historic VALLEY OF BONES.

For those who wonder why Eric would write something like the JERUSALEM’S UNDEAD TRILOGY.





© 2013 Eric Wilson