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N E W  YO R K  T I M E S   B E S T - S E L L I N G  A U T H O R

of   F  i  r  e  p  r  o  o  f  and    T  w  o    S  e  c  o  n  d  s    L  a  t  e

A Letter to Critics

By Eric Wilson

The Jerusalem’s Undead Trilogy is an ultra-modern take on the same spiritual conflict C.S. Lewis addressed in The Screwtape Letters, Frank Peretti in This Present Darkness, Bram Stoker in Dracula, and Ted Dekker in his Circle Trilogy.

Some obvious questions arise any time an artist pushes the traditional bounds of a particular market. Understandably, certain readers are cautious about the material they allow into their minds, and the mention of vampires is certain to raise eyebrows.

I write stories in hopes of stirring hearts and minds, while entertaining through quality fiction. I've always aimed to reach those on the fringes of faith--ones who have wandered from the church, but still have a seed of belief; and ones who are too nervous to come through our doors, yet have a desire to know more about the God we serve. Many of these readers have delved into the supernatural and horror genres, viewing them as pulse-pounding explorations of their questions regarding good and evil.

I believe Jesus is the Answer. For this reason, I am not afraid to ask the questions. He did not avoid the messiness of our human condition, but came to us as a man. He walked in our shoes. Following His example, I use fiction to walk in the shoes of others, to feel their pain and their sweat. This trilogy is meant to expose sin's deception and to underscore salvation through Christ alone. It's told in a dark, gritty style to appeal to the very ones who are asking questions in need of a lasting Answer. My vampiric creatures are representations of evil's desire to bleed us dry, and the one force they cannot stand against is the unpolluted Blood of Christ that flows through believers.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll understand the heart that beats beneath the surface of this trilogy. This is no attempt to jump on a bandwagon (and it’s far from another Twilight book!). It is a story, a journey--often dark, but headed for the light.


© 2013 Eric Wilson