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N E W  YO R K  T I M E S   B E S T - S E L L I N G  A U T H O R

of   F  i  r  e  p  r  o  o  f  and    T  w  o    S  e  c  o  n  d  s    L  a  t  e


DARK TO MORTAL EYES, set in 2003 with historical ties to 1945 World War II

Marsh Addison and his family have ties to an embittered Nazi who puts into motion a unique form of vengeance. What this Nazi does not realize is they’ll have to deal with flawed but likable Sgt. Turney and a young cynical girl named Josee Walker. Sgt. Turney is the uncle of Jed Turney, the estranged husband of Gina Lazarescu in FIELD OF BLOOD. Also in the years before DTME, Marsh Addison, a vineyard owner, unwittingly helps Lord Ariston and the Akeldama Collectors as they set up their own Totorcea Vineyards in Romania. At the end of DTME, Josee finds herself the owner of a Faberge egg from the time of the Russian tsars. This jeweled relic holds clues that will be explored in the Undead Trilogy.


EXPIRATION DATE, set in 2004 with historical ties to 1917 Russian Revolution

Clay Ryker discovers that he can determine others’ dates with death, their “expiration dates”, with a simple touch of the hand. What he does not know is that he’s being manipulated by a force dating back to the days of Rasputin and the tsars. Along the way he meets Kenny Preston, a thirteen-year-old boy who is actually a Romanian adoptee. Kenny’s mother is living incognito, but her real name is Gina Lazarescu. A certain John Doe dies, a Collector in a mortal form, and another Collector, “a ghost,” is uncovered. Only later in the Undead Trilogy will Gina realize how close she was to the Faberge egg and a chess figurine that can unlock Rasputin’s “Tmu Tarakan,” relics hidden in the wastelands of Israel.


THE BEST OF EVIL, set in 2005 with historical tie to 1809 Meriwether Lewis death

Aramis Black is a former anarchist from Oregon, part of the ICV group that played a part in DTME. He tries to start over by moving in with his brother in Nashville and starting his own espresso shop. When a man is murdered before his eyes, though, Aramis is forced to face his violent past and his family’s ties to the local mystery surrounding Meriwether Lewis’s death (from Lewis and Clark). Later, he deals with local crimes by a man called the Rasputin Rapist, and finds that Lewis had a hidden cache of gold and Masonic relics, including one that will become more pertinent to the Undead Trilogy. There is another secret in this book, a clue to the gold’s location revealed by stringing together the first letter of each chapter.


A SHRED OF TRUTH, set in 2006 with historical ties to 1500s Masons and Pilgrims

Aramis is back, and this time he and his brother are targeted by an unknown killer with an ax to grind. Not only does he find out startling truths about his own past, but he must unravel the killer’s lies to save those he loves the most. Only in conclusion does he discover the killer is in search of a Masonic relic, once owned by Meriweather Lewis, that could lead to secrets in Jerusalem. The relic, however, is already in the hands of its rightful owner, an innocent woman living in Oregon. At the book’s end, the killer escapes (controlled by a Collector who also appeared in ED). This book has an additional secret, revealed by stringing together the last letter from each chapter.


FIELD OF BLOOD, set between 1989 and 2000 with historical ties to first century AD

When the Field of Blood is churned open bv a bulldozer in modern Jerusalem, Collectors gain access to bones in this soil that were tainted by Judas’s blood. Their goal is to take down the Nistarim, thirty-six humble souls who bear the world’s weight upon their shoulders. In their hunt, they target Gina Lazarescu for her link to the the original Thirty-Six. Along the way, the Collectors touch base with Marsh Addison from DTME, and Gina’s estranged husband goes to stay with his uncle, Sgt. Turney from DTME and ED. As Gina faces off with the Collectors, she gets help from Cal Nichols, a man whose past dates to the first century AD (not to mention his ties to the mysterious case of D.B. Cooper in the Pacific Northwest). 


HAUNT OF JACKALS, set between 2000 and 2004 with historical ties to D.B. Cooper

As the trilogy continues, readers will find many of the threads from the Senses Series weaving together--everything from the WWII and Nazi past, to the Rasputin connections, to Sarge and Josee’s relationship, to the Masonic and chess-related clues that point Gina Lazarescu and Cal Nichols back to Israel. Gina Lazarescu adopts a Romanian child, and alert readers will realize she made an appearance earlier in ED, as did the adoptee. Sgt. Turney plays a small part here, setting up scenes for the trilogy’s conclusion. And the true-life mystery of D.B. Cooper is explained!


VALLEY OF BONES, set between 2004 and 2010 with historical ties to biblical events

The trilogy brings together all of Eric’s novels in a climax that finds Josee and Sarge from DTME and ED fighting beside Cal Nichols and Gina Lazarescu. The Rasputin mystery and the Faberge egg from DTME and ED also play into the story, while the historical ties to Meriwether Lewis and his Masonic relics, from TBOE and ASOT, affect the outcome of the story. Readers will find cameos and other subtle and not-so-subtle references to Eric’s earlier books, bringing all seven titles together in an epic finale along the shores of the Dead Sea, in Ezekiel’s prophesied “valley of dry bones.


ONE STEP AWAY, set between 2008 and 2011 with modern twists on biblical events

This first book in the By The Numbers Series is set in Nashville, the stomping grounds of Aramis Black. While Aramis gets only a slight mention here, the Vreeland family who head up the story encounter Aramis’s old friend, Detective Meade, when they face a stalker with unknown motives. The Vreelands are actually being tested. Whereas Satan tested Job in the Bible through trials, he is now testing the Vreelands through “blessings.” Will $6,000,000 be enough to make them forget their reliance on God and on their strong family ties? (Hmm. I wonder if Aramis will show up in another book?)


TWO SECONDS LATE, set between 2010 and 2012 with modern twists on biblical events

This second book in the By The Numbers Series is set in Nashville. This time around, Natalie Flynn (a minor character in the first book) takes the lead this time. She is still friends with the Vreelands and Eli Shaffokey, and she begins to run into members of Aramis Black’s family. She is dating a young politician named Reuben King, and she finds that she is like biblical Esther, raised up “for such a time as this.” She must make a final stand to protect the rights of the homeless and millions of others, as she confronts a conspiracy that involves human tagging technology.


AMELIA’S LAST SECRET, set between 1937 and 2012 with modern twists on the historical mystery

This first e-book exclusive, a novella, explores the myster of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance through the eyes of Jane Graveley, a present-day woman in Arizona. She not only discovers and tracks down the secret behind an Earhart heirloom, but also finds a Navajo codetalkers recordings from WWII, which will play heavily into the fourth book in the By the Numbers series. This novella is a standalone story, with hints at what is to come in Eric’s coming books.


ALICE GOES THE WAY OF THE MAYA, set in 2012 with modern twists on a historical mystery

This e-book exclusive, a novella, is the first in a series about Alice Brimble, a 70-year-old bestselling author, who decides to explore areas of the world for book ideas. She takes along Jane Graveley as an assistant, the same young Jane who was introduced in Amelia’s Last Secret. The two women form a bond, despite their age and personality differences, and soon they are caught up in Guatemala’s troubles of past and present.


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